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Mister Moose's Fun Time title

Mister Moose's Fun Time is a spinoff of The All New Captain Kangaroo show.


  • In this Spinoff it features Mister Moose, Captain Kangaroo, Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Greenjeans & Joey as they sit around telling jokes & showing cartoons and other stuff

Shows used in the Spinoff:Edit

  • Jamie the Mouse
  • Bob & Scott
  • Slurps
  • Big SIster & Little Brother
  • Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
  • The Wiggles [American Appearance]
  • Funnybones [American Appearance]
  • I.C. Ice & the Iceburgs


  • This show is the second to feature Thomas the Tank Engine as a segment Shining Time Station being the first


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